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Council Executive Board

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The Blue Grass Council is governed by an Executive Board, which establishes the council program, determines policy within the context of the BSA's rules, and provides short-term and long-term direction for the council. The board meets 5-6 times per year to review the council's status and make decisions so that the council can continue to support the Scouting program for youth.

Members of the council board are chosen by a nominating committee for a one-year term, which may be renewed at the nominating committee's discretion. During that time, they commit to attending board meetings, supporting the council's fundraising efforts, and completing other tasks to enable the council to serve more youth. Certain board members are selected by the nominating committee to serve as the Council President or a Vice President; these officers (and sometimes other board members as needed) compose the Executive Committee. The executive committee meets monthly and provides higher-level guidance for the council. Finally, the council president, Scout Executive, and council commissioner form the council Key 3, the Blue Grass Council's highest level of direction.

Council Key 3

  • Alan Watts, Council President
  • James "Chip" Armishaw, Scout Executive
  • Larry Lowe, Council Commissioner

Executive Committee

  • Buzz Carmichael, Vice President of Endowment
  • Fran Crowely, Vice President of District Operations
  • Tim Crowley, Vice President of Alumni Relations
  • Whitney Dunlap, III, Vice President of Membership
  • Billy Forbess, Vice President of Marketing
  • William Greisner, Immediate Past President
  • Peter LaFalce, Vice President of Programs
  • Daniel Miller, Executive Vice President
  • Allen Norvell, Council Treasurer
  • Harry Richart, III
  • Russ Tucker, Vice President of Properties
  • Alex Waldrop, Vice President of Administration

Executive Board

  • Roger Baird
  • Tim Brown
  • Ben Gilbert (Youth, OA Kawida Lodge Chief)
  • Charles Gorton
  • John Heltzel
  • Robert Hillwig
  • David Howard
  • Bonnie Jiunta
  • Thomas Lester
  • David Madison
  • Angela Marshall
  • Kirby Smith
  • Ken Sturgill
  • Tim Terry
  • David Moss
  • Maryanne O'Canna
  • James Roberts
  • Mike Warman (OA Kawida Lodge Adviser)
  • Rayna Weibrecht (Youth, Council Venturing President)
Community Partners
United Way Logo

The Blue Grass Council receives support from the Cumberland Trails United Way, United Way of Franklin County, United Way of South Central Kentucky, and United Way of South Eastern Kentucky.

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